I mentioned in my previous post how I’m really trying to work on ‘skin’ and making flawless glowy skin the focus. And this is what I’ve achieved so far. Flawless? yes! Glowy? Um not so much.
I’m still trying to find the products that work best for my skin in regards to getting that ‘glow’. Having very oily skin is making this difficult as I feel after a few hours I look like I’ve placed my face in a bucket of oil (obviously that maybe a slight exaggeration, but still).

Products for this look are, Sleek’s bare skin foundation, Nars stick concealer (to highlight), a mix of Ben Nye topaz and banana poweder, Inglot lose powder in 19 (for contour. However according to the sales person at IMATS they don’t do any more.), Sleek crochet blush (from the Lace blush by 3) and on the lips NYX lipliner in chestnut with yash and touch by mac on top.

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